New Site via Lightsail

Good evening all,

In learning web development, and alongside studying for the Amazon Web Services Certifications, I thought it was important to take my own name as a domain to consolidate a showcase of all of my portfolio projects. Previously I ran a free WordPress website as a simple blog whilst in University studying Social Sciences.

However, once delving into the many Cloud services available to market, I thought it would be a better idea to get to grips with a WordPress blog using Amazon Lightsail.

Amazon Lightsail is a fantastic way for developers, small businesses and students to create simple websites in the Cloud for scalable pricing. It allows for the swift provisioning of virtual machines, containers, databases, etc.

Lightsail provides instances that can run various tech stacks such as LAMP, Django, MEAN among others, for quick setup of web development environments. This particular website uses the WordPress Bitnami instance. Instead of hosting with WordPress, which is perfectly fine for a lot of individuals and businesses, running my website through AWS gives me a lot of development control over my website at very economical pricings.

If you’d like to know more about AWS Lightsail you can click here.